23rd October 2016 to 8th November 2016

Pastor Noble and Anoja Rajkumar.

They will be in Mauritius and Malaysia.

The Missions trip to Mauritius is to be a spearhead for the Churches and congregation that are coming together at the conference on the 29th and 30th of October 2016.

The theme is , Miracles, signs and wonders with a prophetic edge.

We are expecting major impartation to take place that will release people into their calling and destiny.

All glory to God



Saturday - 29th October 2016 - Mauritius - Pastor Noble Rajkumar

Sunday 30th October 2016 - Mauritius - Pastor Noble Rajkumar

6th November 2016 - Deeper into the River - Kuala Lumpur


Letter from Pastor Noble

I was given two sessions on the 29th of Oct 2016 in which the theme of miracles, signs and wonders was to be expounded upon. God turned up big time and started touching the people at the altar call and the youth in particular were greatly affected.. Many were getting delivered and others healed in their inner man. Many were baptised in the Holy Spirit as well as I called for them to stand separately.

The next day was Sunday and they held the service at the same hall. Again God turned up and touched many lives with His manifest presence and demonstration of power. As Anoja and I prayed for the people many were healed instantly and touched by God. People’s lives will never be the same again. All glory to God.

The next morning, I had to preach at what they call a deliverance service. Again, to see about a hundred people on a Monday morning at church was incredible. God turned up again and touched many lives with healing as we prayed.

After I had prayed specifically for the host Pastor’s wife on stage on Sunday as we wound up the conference, she had a dream that night about her future. She was greatly encouraged by it.  It was a very powerful conference of blessing to the Church and a great encouragement as they have been through a lot to go through twenty years faithfully serving God.  All glory to God.

We ministered at the Four Square church in Kuala Lumpur on the Sunday. God moved again and nearly the whole church of 60 to 70 people came up for prayer. God showed up again and His manifest presence was gentle but powerful. Many lives were touched and many received words of prophecy and encouragement. The manifest presence of God was very visible as He ministered to the needs of the people. There was good feedback after the service of lives being touched.

Thank you all for praying and encouraging us and giving us the leeway to “GO” and minister to the nations. Your faithfulness back home makes all the difference. Together we can build the Kingdom of God. It is all about unity and working together with like minded people.

To HIM be all the glory, honour and praise

Blessings and love

Anoja & Noble