16th - 21st March 2016

Pastor Noble Rajkumar and David King

Pastor's Ministry and Leaders Teaching / Healing Meetings




Apr 18, 2016at 11:18 PM

Dear Ps. Noble and Ps. Ashok,

Just want to share to you what God is doing now in our church. Our members are filled with hunger and thirst before the Lord presence. Holy Spirit baptism is massive now in the church members, deliverance are happening now in the life of our young people.

Some of them saw vision and heard a voice from God. Sometimes it's hard to explain on what God is doing because many Christians they don't believe in the charismatic move of the Holy Spirit but I keep on training our people to stay focus on God.

On my part i saw big changes because i felt restoration from my hunger and longing deeply before God. I know that the seminar you did last time was impacted our church. God is revealing things for good, He reveals sins to confess in the life of other young people. Healing and deliverance is happening now. Glory to Jesus.

Now we are building an intercessor through the young people. I will send you e-mail again next time



Ps. Orlando

We are Channel of Blessing Ministry


DSCI0126 small.jpg

20 Youth receiving water baptism after breakthrough in Church due to our visit

2014-01-05 11.53.31.jpg

Girl Leading alternative lifestyle accepted 

Jesus as her Lord and Saviour and her life was transformed


Deliverance and Power of the Holy Spirit