Dear Church, 

The Elijah task was a multi level ministry that God called Elijah to undertake to a nation and to be the prophetic voice of God into the future. It will bless us to take time to understand this ministry of Elijah. It is particularly applicable to the end time journey we as the worldwide Church find ourselves in. Our own church needs to position itself to learn from this ministry what God is saying to us. 

The enemy of God does not want us to understand this message as we will know what to do and to do it well. So he sows tares in the midst of the good understanding we already have to confuse our thought process and understanding of God's word, ways and intentions. Because of this, I have often come across people who have started well but finished badly and others who struggle all their lives through their faith even though they believe in Jesus. They never seem to be satisfied with what they have or know and live in their problems continually under the influence of various obstacles that seem to have free reign in their lives. Others go on in their merry little way satisfied with what they know and are unprepared for such a time as this. To them, new revelation is not a necessity. Without new revelation for our times we cannot minister to the need of the hour which right now is very great. 

The Elijah ministry was a calling from God on one man who was called to be a Prophet. The office of a prophet is different to the gift of prophesy. The office of a prophet is given to an individual based on God's own choosing which carries the weight of God's perfect will. The gift of prophesy on the other hand is available to all who believe in Jesus and are willing to receive this gift through the Holy Spirit to bring edification to the church as a corporate body or as an individual. 

So, what is the Elijah ministry? The Elijah ministry is: 

 A hearing ministry of what God wants His people & the nations to know about His own thoughts and words. 

 A ministry of miracles signs and wonders which demonstrate the resurrection power of God. 

 A ministry of spiritual warfare that demonstrates the power of God to His enemies and to His people 

 A ministry of righteousness & holiness

 A ministry of reconciliation that turns the hearts of the fathers to the children and vice versa 

 A ministry of impartation that takes the prophetic from one generation to the next 

 A futuristic ministry of preparation for the return of Jesus. It will prepare the way for the return of Jesus just as John the Baptist did. 

The Elijah ministry even today holds the power of the prophetic (of things to come) which will demonstrate God's power like never before. We who believe will walk in this prophetic realm of what has already been designated by God to happen if we are hearing and listening (obeying) the voice of God. We will know the times and act upon it. 

Some of the indulgences of the people during the time of Elijah were to worship idols and fornicate and still hold onto their religious, national and cultural identity. It took them away from God. It is no different today. The idea that we can hold onto the world, self and God at the same time is an ingrained idea planted by the devil in many people's mind. The call is to surrender totally and to righteousness and holiness with love as the key to expressing Christ's nature and character. All of us are being perfected and so we will find this a struggle. However, God is searching the hearts to know the mind and what it is we are really doing. There are many Christians who seek God out of lip service, despair and immaturity. This is born out of drinking milk and so they do not grow. Others who have matured have found their maturity has become stale. Yet others are genuinely seeking God out of humility and fear of the Lord in the midst of their trials of faith. These are the overcomers. Are you one? Before you answer that it is wise to know the ways of God first. 

When Elijah could not understand his predicament of moving in God's power one day and then running from jezebel the next, he wanted to die. God woke him up and he sought the Lord in humility and fear of the Lord. It was then that he received the greater anointing and breakthrough which could not be held back. 

It is my urgent hope that we as a church will understand the need to humble ourselves and seek God in the fear of the Lord with an earnest understanding of the finished work of Jesus and not only in our past victories. Ask God to reveal this to you. 

Our families, friends, nation and many others need such intercession of prayer. We have to go from just praying for ourselves to praying what the Holy Spirit wants for this dying world. We have to move to prophetic prayer declaring the glory and power of God to the atmosphere and demonic forces who need to hear our voices speaking God's wisdom. We may be small but we are powerful when we join together in prayer and in unity of purpose. 

My prayer is that we will mature and apply this type of ministry for such a time as this and find God's will in a prophetic sense for us. Isa 58.11,12 - We were chosen for this calling. 

With love - Pastor Noble 

May 2014 

©2015 Noble Rajkumar