From the Pastor’s heart


It is inevitable that a human being will go through life experiencing some form of supernatural activity in their lives or at the very least wondering if there is someone or something other than human beings out there. The human make up of body, soul, and spirit is designed to receive supernatural imputations. This happens to the whole person collectively as body, soul, and spirit and individually in each area of the body, soul, and spirit. The soul is explained as being made up of emotion, intellect, and will. For example; your body may experience a supernatural encounter but since the soul and spirit are not perfectly tuned to what the body is going through they will put the encounter down to a natural encounter rather than a supernatural encounter. Supernatural encounters can happen to the soul and spirit individually as well. For example, dreams happen to the individual when they are asleep. Hence the body is not involved. Visions happen to the spirit of a human so the body is not involved.

If these encounters are discounted by the recipient, it will leave the individual spiritually poorer and more in danger than before having received the imputation. The reasons for danger are basically ignorance and apathy toward God’s communication to let us know what He wants us to know. This could be a warning, instruction or prophecy about what is to come. Having said that, any spiritual imputation from the wrong source (evil side of the spirit realm) will most definitely cause spiritual poverty and possibly bodily or emotional harm including other types of harm that may affect finances and material well being. This may result in an undeveloped and unsuccessful natural life leading to eternal death.  We are spirit beings in a natural body having a soul. This requires us to understand the spiritual nature of our beings in addition to the natural side of life of our existence. Understanding the natural side of life is difficult enough let alone the spiritual side and hence we are in need of supernatural assistance from above. The Holy Spirit of God is there to help us if we believe in Jesus. Many who have not believed in Jesus have sought other avenues to explain their spiritual encounters only to end up on the wrong path. This where dreams, visions, and supernatural encounters play a big part in our lives.

Many do not care about eternal life or eternal death or anything supernatural, because to them what they see is what they believe. Besides that, the world has taught them cliché’s like ‘might is right’, ‘only riches can bring happiness’, ‘enjoy life while you can’, ‘it will all work out in the end’ and many other clichés about life which they have believed and practiced. Since a lot of what people have learned that this works when applied in a natural life, they believe it is right and is the way to go. What they do not realise is, natural laws work on a natural plain yet, only to a certain degree since nothing is perfect in a corrupted world. When natural faith and laws do not work any more, many people tend to cheat, tell lies, or use violence to gain what they cannot get legitimately. No level of society or walk of life is exempt from this corruption of the human mind and activity. That is why the Bible explains in the book of James where the origins of wars are. They are formulated through the lust of men who seek what they cannot have legitimately. It is said of Helen of Troy; she launched a thousand ships because of one man who lusted after her, even though she was the bride of another. The book of 1 John explains it is the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life that destroys a person.

Natural law is imperfect, therefore it can never replace spiritual law from God. By law, I do not mean the Ten Commandments but the law of God’s Word (spiritual life) which He has given to us in the Bible and is revealed by the Spirit of God. All spiritual life is dictated by legitimacy and so law is imperative to governance and the issues of life.

When natural things work they call it ‘success.’ We used to have a saying in a large corporation I worked for; ‘you can do what you like as long as you do not get caught.’ This meant that success could be attained by devious methods as long as you did not get caught. Powerful forces associated with men on this earth pursue a worldly life based on riches, power, and the control of human lives. What they do not realise is, they are in turn influenced by supernatural forces from the dark side when they use natural law or evil spiritual law to gain their ends. Humans can be manipulated by evil invisible forces to achieve their demonic goals while men go about thinking it is themselves who desire and lust after what they cannot get legitimately. These desires are natural to humans but are often perpetrated by evil forces who take it to the next level which is lust.

Man is generally unaware of the involvement of this dark side in human affairs. Hence, those who do know about it are sometimes in partnership with it unknowingly as victims in demonic vision (pursuit) rather than what they think is their human vision. In reality they are only achieving what the dark side wants. In other words, their souls are willingly or unwillingly controlled by the devil to gain his ends. To such people, only what they want is important. They will push aside anybody, any law, or government to get what they want.

The God factor which cannot be easily discounted penetrates a life when that life is open to God. God is seeking those who are seeking Him. So many non-Christian people have been meeting God supernaturally especially in these last days. This is so because they are seeking the true God and not just religion. Many do not understand and think when they find religion they have found God. Those of us who have met God know that it is not true. Understanding the right kind of experiences in the spiritual realm will enhance our lives no end by putting it on a scale unparalleled to any worldly pursuit on offer.

The bottom line is; we live and we die. These are two truths no one can ever escape. There is a finality to it that leaves us without defence unless God steps into our lives to change things. In addition to this knowledge, we also know that we can never take with us anything into the afterlife. In fact, we cannot even determine what comes after this life because no one knows except God. We have witnessed for ourselves that dead people do not carry any worldly goods with them when they die. In addition to all this we understand through the Word of God that the afterlife has already been prepared. To enter it, there are conditions. We did not determine our own birth, this world or the universe. So it is evident that we are not in control of birth, life or death. What we do know is that we have been given choices and are subject to forces both seen and unseen.

This has caused many to seek a world of knowledge about the afterlife which has deluded many into believing wrong things about it since they have sought it without the proper guidance from God. This has resulted in many religions, movements, practices and cults being birthed and practised. This is precisely why, knowing the truth about God and what His conditions are is imperative. Each one of us has to make up our own minds as to what the truth really is. When we do that, I pray that we have made the right decision because broad is the way to destruction and narrow is the way to life.

Some events in my life happened because I made them happen as a result of bad decisions. To explain this, I came to realise later in life that I did not have the wisdom to make decisions for myself without God. When I did make decisions that sent me the wrong way, God intervened to correct me and warn me. Other encounters that I experienced in life were introduced by God to make them happen irrespective of my own actions in life. The ongoing nature of these encounters and manifestation of these events from my birth is what gives credence to its value and authenticity. They have been guiding lights which have propelled me into the future with great hope while establishing a clear sense of direction for me leading me to God and glory in eternity. To me these encounters are as real as daylight and no one can discount their value in my life. Many may find such communication from God impossible. However, I have come to know a God who loves to do things in spectacular fashion to excite our souls to believe in Him. Anyone who looks into the heavens can see the spectacular way in which the stars and galaxies have been laid out and should conclude that there is a God who has designed all this in a spectacular fashion.

I attach great value to all of these supernatural events in my life because they have been much needed signs at precise moments in my life and have explained unexplainable things and protected me along life’s journey. They have helped me pursue God and trust in His ways throughout this incredibly difficult life on earth. They have given me faith to continue at crucial moments in my life when all around me darkness existed while my life was collapsing under the weight and burden of the ravages of this world, wicked people, the devil and many of my own mistakes. These supernatural interventions of God have kept me from becoming like the world which has gone insane. It is in Christ we see that God answers a world that desperately needs salvation. The sign was a virgin birth of a child from heaven named Jesus.

 There is no sign from God without an accompanying word

Lots of love

Pastor Noble