Have you ever wondered about your name, just what does it mean?   In this day and age so many Parents simply give their Children names because they roll  easily off the tongue, others give names that are much harder to understand, and others simply pick a name out of a book or off the Internet.


   However, In the time of the Old Testament, and even in later times, as recent as the start of the 20th Century, Parents gave names to their Children because it was to remember someone in their lives, or to continue a name on through the Family line.  For example, I was named after my Uncle Don, (my Mother's Brother).  My Mother simply wanted to have Uncle Don remembered.  However, I am so glad that she felt that way, because most, if not all names have meanings.  Mine means "world Ruler', or in the Celtic it means "Chief of the mountains".  (Look your name up, you may be surprised, as I was.)


   In the Old Testament  we see that all names had meanings, especially the names of GOD.   In this study we will look at some of those names and how they apply, not only to GOD, but to us as well.



   The first name that we see is the term given to describe GOD,  It is the name EL:  and in the Hebrew language it means "GOD" OR "POWER".  So what is so important about knowing that? Take another look, GOD and Power.  HE had, and still has, the Power to create every last thing that exists, even us.   Also HE has the Power to bring all that HE Created to an abrupt end, if HE so chooses, and one day that is exactly what will happen.


   Mankind thinks  they are so smart, after all, didn't they split the atom?  But GOD has so much Power that HE created the universe and in each one of the Galaxies within the universe, there are Suns.  These suns work by continual atomic explosions.  An atomic explosion is when the atoms of a substance are split at an uncontrolled rate, causing a chain reaction. However, in our Galaxy these atomic explosions take place in a fireball so far away from us that it is safe for us, yet so near to us that it provides us with just the right amount of heat and light.  So who is the more Powerful one, Man or GOD?


  What we need to see out of this study of the name of GOD that reveals HIS Power to us, is that we are Children of this almighty Powerful GOD and we were Created to be just like HIM, in HIS Image and in HIS Likeness.   HE has given  this power to us through HIS SON JESUS.  Let the demons tremble as we take hold of that truth.



  The next name is Jehovah/YAHWEH, it's meaning is: LORD. ( The original name of God). This name is called a “Tetragrammaton.”   It is made up of four Hebrew letters (Yod, He, Waw and He) and is written as YHWH.  When the vowels "A" and "E" are added we get YAHWEH.  (The original language had no vowels).  Yahweh is then transliterated into the English as "Jehovah".


   So what does the word "LORD" mean to us?  A Lord is one who rules over subjects, it is one to whom respect and honour is given, and it is one who takes care of those who are under the "Lordship" of that Lord.


   At this stage I am going to throw the cat amongst the Pigeons here by asking the question: "Who do we think is the one who rules over us and over this planet"?  In my favourite verse Genesis 1:26 we see that GOD created us to rule, so in HIS eyes, we were meant to be the rulers of this planet. We know that the devil took that GOD-Given power from us and has used it against us ever since, right up until JESUS took it back from him at the Cross. Now those who follow (and obey) JESUS have been given that power back again. Now we can rule over the devil as we were created to do, but instead of us doing it with our own power and authority, we do it in the name of the one who won that right to rule, JESUS our LORD.


   JESUS is the one who now rules over this world that we live in, but HE has chosen to do it through HIS Physical body, which, as we know, is us, HE has redeemed the right to rule back to us.  JESUS has returned back  to HIS FATHER and HIS LORD, our GOD, and now HE does the work of the FATHER through HIS Body, the Church.  Therefore, if JESUS is our head, meaning, HE is the one who tells us (HIS Body) what to do, then it is JESUS who now is our LORD and HE rules over us.  In this way GOD rules over HIS SON JESUS, and JESUS rules over us.  The term Yahweh (LORD) now not only applies to GOD, but also to JESUS.



This is the plural form of el or eloah.    In the first chapter of the book of genesis, even in the very first verse we see this word used. In verse 1:1 we see a  good reference to this word  “elohim”.  It perfectly describes the trinity of the GODhead, where GOD ( elohim ) Created the Heaven and the Earth.   Gen 1:1  In the beginning GOD (elohim) created the heaven and the earth.  In this verse we see  Creation of both Heaven and of Earth was done by all three members of the Holy Trinity.

   What then does this mean to us.  When GOD does things in common with all members of the GODhead then it displays the unity of the GODhead.  JESUS prayed in John 17:22  that as HE has given us (HIS Body) HIS Glory then HE expects that we too (The Church) will be one just as the GODhead is one. John 17:22  And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: 


   If then the GODhead is all powerful, and we too have been grafted into JESUS through HIS Blood, then just as JESUS gave us HIS Glory, then so too do we have that all powerful Glory living within us in the form of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD.  That is why Luke says in Luke 1:37  for WITH GOD nothing shall be impossible, so that the Glory that JESUS gave to us would be the light of Men that shines in this dark world.  When we are WITH GOD is when we are doing the Will of GOD.  It is at these times that nothing shall be impossible for us because we can do all things through CHRIST (JESUS) who strengthens us.  (Philippians 4:13)  I have strength for all things in Christ, the One strengthening me. (Literal Interpretation Version of the Holy Bible.)


   Just as we see that the word "Elohim" means the plurality of GOD, then we can see that as we are Grafted into GOD through CHRIST JESUS, so too are we included (Through the Cross) into this all powerful plurality.  This does not mean we are GOD, but it does mean that we are all powerful just like HIM, because that is the way HE created us in the beginning and now through the Redeeming power of the Love act of JESUS upon that Cross at Calvary, we too are redeemed back into the powerful created ones that GOD intended us to be.  That is why those demons have to tremble, because we, the Children of GOD, have our power back and we are going after those ones of darkness to wipe out their stronghold on this world.




   The title "GOD ALMIGHTY is one that has great implication.  Firstly it means that there is none mightier than HE, then there is the fact that GOD has at HIS disposal every last thing needed for HIM to rule, after all, HE created all things.  But there are things in Heaven that we know nothing of.  One day these things will be revealed to us, but for now we simply trust by Faith that GOD has the answer to every last need that we have.


   GOD has these powers at HIS disposal for HIM to rule, but because of HIS Love for us HE has given all of these same things to us so that we too might rule over the Powers, principalities, rulers and authorities that are trying to rule over us now.   Whatever things are trying to pull us down, GOD has given us the answer to those problems.  It is right there in HIS Holy Word and a lot of those truths are found in HIS Names.


   We have looked at just a few of these Names and in future Teaching letters we will look at more of them.  Until then, remember, we were created to rule, we have been given every last thing needed to rule, so what's stopping us bruising the devil's head and setting the captives free.


Lots of love

Don Phillips