A Foundations Bible Course of 15 Lessons

Designed for New Christians of all ages

Calvary Assembly Church

Cnr King Road and Strickland Street, Bunbury


Study Manual Provided

Homework Compulsory


Please contact Val for more information

Val: 0424682350


Format Group Session

Opening Prayer

Share Study answers

Discussion time

Leader/Teacher input

Introduce next weeks Study sheets

Closing Prayer - Any specific needs


New Life with Jesus Christ

Study Outline



1. In the Beginning

2. Life. What is wrong

3. Who is Jesus Christ?

4. How many ways to God are there?

5. Being Sure

New life. New meaning. New purpose

6. Talking to God

A Key factor in the Christian Life.

7. Learning from God

The Bible: A library of 66 Books.

Advice on reading the bible.

8. Enemy Action

 There is a person against us.

9. Be Baptised

10. The Bread and the Wine

11. Power for Living

When the Holy Spirit comes upon you

12. Tug of War

Your old life, fights against your new life

13. Gifts for all

Special abilities given by the Holy Spirit

14. In the Family

Why do we go to Church?

15. What should I do?

Steps to find out what God wants you to do