Pastor Noble Rajkumar

Personal testimony

I was born into this world in Chennai, India on the 6th of Oct 1953. Little did I realise what was waiting for me in the journey of life. It all began when I was nearly terminated in my mother’s womb. Saved by God’s own plan and design and my mother’s determination to bring me into this world I was born with a destiny. I grew up in a typical middle class Christian family of nominal believers from India and enjoyed the benefits of that kind of lifestyle but did not know that I was about to come face to face with the supernatural.

My father who was a diplomat with the Indian government was transferred to Burma (now Myanmar) to fulfill his obligations there. In world history Burma was a battle ground for the British and Japanese troops during the Second World War. It was here that the demonic realm opened up to me and I, as a five year old began to receive visitations from demonic forces every night for five years. They came and scared me in dreams and often time in what felt like very physical encounters. Needless to say, I was scared out of my wits but kept this to myself as I did not really know how to confide such events even to my parents. As a result, I ended up being introverted while maintaining an extroverted lifestyle.

Later in life, I realised that my life was an empty hole that was desperately in need of love and fulfillment. The reason for my living was a search I did not understand at that time. This led me into drugs and alcohol at a tender age spiraling me into a lifestyle of decadence and despair. I had become a drug addict and an alcoholic while maintain a respectable lifestyle of a marriage and a great job. Little did anyone know except me and God that I was quietly going mad and very soon to reach the end one way or another.

I was 34 years of age when God decided to take matters into His own hands. I was living in Sydney, Australia with my ex-wife. While at a shopping complex one day we were approached by a blind girl and another man who were out witnessing to people about the Lord Jesus. The irony was, it was I who was blind not the girl witnessing to me. We began to attend a series of meetings at home and Church while resisting every attempt by them to reach me with the message of the gospel. One day, in a home meeting, while they were praying, I heard the audible voice of God. It sounded like a thousand Niagara Falls all rushing at the same time. The voice was very loving but very firm and you just knew that the buck stopped here. I had come into contact with Father God. He said; ‘My son’. When I heard these words, my heart just broke. Again He said; ‘My son, why do you think I do not love you, I love you very much’. This time, I just did not know where to place my self or what to do. I felt every bit of His love and His relationship to me as my true Father.

Through a series of subsequent spiritual encounters that followed my madness and drug/alcohol related ways, one day at Church, the Lord spoke to me at the altar call for water baptism and said; ‘If you do not accept me now, you are dead physically and spiritually’. Needless to say, this shook me to the core and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in the waters of Baptism. This released me from drugs instantly and started a journey of discovery for me that I could never have envisaged.

Even though I was saved, I had no idea of what life was about and this ended up with me getting divorced and out on my own again. It was during those desperate years that I came to know God like never before. Not long after, I was released by God by into full time ministry and travelled the world preaching the gospel from house to house and country to country while living out of a suitcase for nearly 16 years before settling down in Western Australia as a Pastor.

Jesus picked me out of the pit of hell and saved me from a life of hopelessness which had trapped me in drugs and alcohol amongst other things. What was more important is, I was saved from eternal damnation. It was Jesus who gave me an identity as God's child, His friend, brother, and co-worker with the Holy Ghost. My personal relationship with Jesus is unique and real to me. What He did for me can never be outdone in any way by my works or preaching.

In seeking to do His will I believe, God will move to bless those He sends me to. I give Jesus the glory for my life, ministry, and existence.

Anoja's personal testimony

As a single mom for nine years Anoja was determined to find her way in life serving God. She prayed hard and fasted to get a breakthrough in her life. In 2006 she met Noble in Singapore in a most amazing way in a Christian conference and became Mrs Rajkumar. She quit her job within 3 months of being married and joined Noble in a suitcase traveling the world with him for 6 years on ministry before they came to Western Australia. Her journey has been nothing short of miraculous by way of God’s provision and restoration in her life. Her dignity and honour was restored by God and her reproach taken away. She cannot give thanks to God enough for all His mercies. Today, her journey is filled with more of God and His love and joy bringing her into fulfillment. She is currently serving alongside her husband at the Calvary Assembly.